Sunday, August 28, 2016

Spring Like Sunday

This is the tree full of blossoms outside our place, and after yesterday when it was cloudy and raining throughout the day, today blossomed with sunny skies and warm breezes.  So mum did not want to laze around in bed too long, she got up and popped some washing out on the line.  Towels and sheets always are better having warm fresh air to dry them. 

Mum then headed off for a Sunday walk in town.  She is excellent skills at procrastinating and so had to go and use up a voucher that had only 2 days before it expired.  Her work friends had given it as a gift after her father died, so she did not want to waste it and got herself something pretty that she will enjoy.  

A small visit to a cafe for a bite as she had some hanger pangs as she walked around.  She finds it challenging sometimes to eat out alone, but luckily there are lots of cafes around and plenty of other people by themselves that she doesn't feel too out of place.  A quick visit to the library and then time to head home and relax for the afternoon.

Mum made herself a nice dinner - some roasted sweet potatoes, broccoli and carrots and some roasted lamb followed by grapes got her enough servings of fruit and vegetables for the day.  Good on you mum.

So now as the evening draws to a close we are snuggling on the couch thinking about the nice weekend we got to share together and hope we get a good week ahead. We hope you have enjoyed your weekend too.


  1. Yes! Good on you Mum...Perhaps those Multi~Vitamins
    that Mum's been chewing..are finally working Poppy!x
    Up and running like a trooper! :).

    Off to a Barby at one...roll my sleeves up for a bit
    of cooking...relax a bit with a glass..or two..of Vino
    Calapso...! :).
    Oh! And, the blossoms look lovely!

  2. What a beautiful tree. Do you know the name of it poppy? Maybe your mum does.
    We are having lovely sunny weather today as well so sheets are drying in the sun and bath towels are in the wash soon to be outside also
    Spring is definitely in the air

  3. What pretty, pretty flowers! Our summer is drawing to a close while spring it coming to you. Mom bean says some of the leaves are changing color and falling.

    Enjoy your warm weather!
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  4. The nights here are downright chilly, which is unusual in August. It seems like your spring is coming early while our autumn is doing the same.

  5. It is nice to read another New Zealand pet blog.