Monday, February 13, 2017


Well it really rained this morning in the city.  There were men employed to come and get the washing machine which is going to stay at a friend's house.  Mum had also cleared the cupboards out, and had some bags of stuff for the charity shop. V they said they would be here at 9am, but still not here at 11.30am.  At midday the real estate agent bought a couple round.  Mum sat outside as the rain finally cleared.

Finally at 1.30pm they arrived.  Mum wished she took a photo of the guy carrying the washing machine down 3 flights of stairs on his shoulder. They only took 10 minutes to load up so mum is pleased to have more space.

She went for a walk, as she had been inside all weekend.  Now dinner is cooking and packing is going ahead.

What a week!!


  1. YOur Mom is always so good about giving things to the charity shop. We would have loved to see the man carrying the machine!

  2. Ah! I'm sure everyone is thinking of you both!
    Lot's to do...Sounds as though your getting
    there! Thank God for charity shops!
    Hope your keeping your eye on things to Poppy!x

  3. Good for your mum for the donations and paring down before the move. It's a great time to do that! Our biped is so pared down now that she's struggling to find things to donate!

    Best of luck with the move; we'll hope for a change in your forecast and that skies are sunny. We hope all goes well and goes smoothly.

  4. Once, when I moved from a ground floor apartment to a top floor, a man carried my deep-freeze on his back up the stairs. I think a successful carry must have to do with balance and weight-distribution. But it's still not something I'd like to try.

  5. Goodness your mum bean has been furry busy! We can't imagine anyone carrying a washing machine by himself...or a freezer either as John wrote.

    Hope the rain clears and you get some sunshine.

  6. Not fun when people don't show up on time.