Monday, February 20, 2017


Today feels like it has been the hottest day of the year, so mum is trying to encourage me not to lie under the covers.   She has the bedroom window open but I am not interested.

She also had our new cat door installed this morning but I haven't noticed it yet.  She took her niece out today to get her some treats as she had done tremendous work helping mum move.

Mum had a moment saying goodbye, middle aged ladyness often makes her teary.  Today is also a year since gdad died, and tears had been building all day.


  1. I think you look lovelier on top the bed
    Poppy!x than under it...And, you look so
    relaxed, taking things in your stride!

    Is it a year since Gdad died..Goodness!
    Nice to remember loved ones!

  2. Purrs to your human... I am not surprised she is a bit sad today.

  3. Poppy, dear, sometimes we middle-aged ladies get tired, trudging up an uphill trail, and we trip on the milestones...

    1. Beth: Beautifully put. (And yes, I'm another middle-aged lady.)

  4. You almost look like you're melting into the covers, Poppy. Well, summers are for hot weather!

    Purrs and hugs to your mum today, on this sad anniversary for her. &heart;

  5. Poppy, you need to give your mom extra loving tonight!

  6. I am sorry your Mum is having a tough day, you will have to give her some extra purrs.

  7. There are a lot of emotions in your house right now, Poppy. Be extra comforting to your mum.

  8. Lots of stuff going on in your mum's life. Sometimes our beans need to "vent"a bit.

  9. Hugs from our mom bean to yours. May the sweet memories overshadow her sadness. We're sure you'll give her extra love today too Poppy!

  10. Hugs to your mum, purrs too. Mum gets days like that too when things have happened in her life.

  11. poppy Q.....itz oh kay for mum two bee sad.....a lot oh this anda lot oh that... dinna make de day any eazier.....we R glad ewe both haz each other ♥♥♥