Sunday, February 26, 2017


Our Day didn't start out sunny, there was a bit of a drizzle happening.  Luckily mum was up and dressed early as the landlord arrived to do some jobs upstairs and helped mum out with a quick garden tidy up.  He also bought mum these lovely gerbras which are her favorite.   We think it was kind of him to do that.

Mum did a whole lot of washing, a big pile of dishes and unpacked a few more things.  It was relaxing to stay home.  She kept the door open for me but I wasn't too curious  today.

She took a few photos too, so we have lots to show you during the week.   Hope you have all had a nice Sunday too.


  1. Lovely clear sky Poppy!x and those flowers
    look the colour! Very nice! :).

    ooooO! Looking forward to the week ahead!
    Can't wait! :).

  2. Poppy, dear, we're all so relieved to hear you and your mum are settling down to a comfortable routine. Now you can both get in some serious cat naps!

  3. Such lovely photos today, Poppy. It sounds like you and Mum are doing really well in your new home. :)

  4. beautiful gerbras. He was very kind to bring your Mom flowers and help in the garden!

  5. Lovely flowers! It seems like you have a furry nice landlord Poppy.

    We didn't get much sun here today either, so no sunny room for us. Mom bean says it was a little cold and we got a bit of snow...we're just as happy to be indoors napping!

    Have a great week!