Thursday, February 2, 2017

Rain Again

Not much outdoor time today, it has been pouring, windy and cold and we are all getting a bit tired of it at the moment. Mum says it has been a rough summer with more horrible days than nice ones.

Mum is digging at the depths of the wardrobesteps.   She is not sure if she will ever get out from under the piles of stuff.


  1. Ditto Poppy!x It's chucking it down outside,
    blowing a bit of a hooly! HeHe! So, l'm staying
    in to~day, unless it clears up later, the silly
    weather man says not, tomorrow is gonna be much
    the same!
    Still, things to do about the place, so, always
    find things to keep busy!

    If you loose Mum under all that stuff Poppy!x
    you'll have to get in there and find her! Bless!x

  2. Poppy, dear, our famous weather prognosticator, The Great Groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil, saw his shadow this morning. That means six more weeks of winter! (Unless, of course, he was joking. Sometimes he's grumpy when the men in top hats pull him out of his burrow in the phony tree stump.)

  3. Poppy, will your mum have a good sized closet in the new place? Our biped just saw a neat trick for small space clothes storage: you buy shelf brackets like this (from Ikea):

    You mount them on the wall *upside down* so the top bar is actually the bottom bar, and you hang your clothes off what becomes the bottom bar. You can hang more with less space that way. Here's a link to the article from the small space living segment she saw on TV a couple of days ago. She thought it was brilliant!

  4. Poppy, we know how your Mum feels! We are not moving, but cleared a closed of coats and blankets ahd have three very large and two medium bags to donate.

  5. Is your mum's digging part of packing and moving?

  6. poppy q...we hope mum findz sum bear reed 46.022 cans oh feest ore cash kewl wood THAT be......we iz a fraid ta say R winterz knot been two bad coz it will bee !!☺☺☺♥♥♥