Tuesday, February 21, 2017


I found mums work bag first her - it us a pity that she can't find her uniform yet.  Woops.

She unpacked three boxes and a big bag today.  An hour was spent on the phone to get the Internets sorted.  It was a bit frustrating as she had to speak to four different people and she now needs to wait for an engineer.

She got woken up at 5am by me talking through the window to the new neighbour cat.  I didn't do much today but did ask for some dinner at 8pm.  Mum has to go to work tomorrow so getting back into a routine might be good for both of us.

Thanks for all if your kind words friends - Mum feels better today.


  1. Ah! So pleased everything is coming together
    Poppy!x Now! Are you sure you were only talking
    to the cat next door...! Hopefully you'll be good
    friends, and be nice to one another..and no hissing!
    HeHe! Bless!

  2. I hope your human finds her uniform before she has to go back to work!

  3. * Giggle * Miss Poppy, You know where is her uniform, don't you ?

  4. We think you'll both adjust pretty quickly, Poppy. You've already had prior experience with moving, so you're a pro now! (Your mum too, for that matter).

    Purrs and peace.

  5. Can't go to work if you don't have a uniform! That's one way to get some extra time off.

  6. I think having one's routine disrupted often adds to a feeling of being out of sorts. You and your mum will be feeling right soon enough, Poppy.

  7. Glad your Mom is feeling better. So nice you were chatting to a neighbour kitty.

  8. poppy Q....we haz been off line fora few...sew....a new naybor kitty huh....we hope ewe both will bee come grate friendz.....if ya wanna bee that iz.....N tell mum, noe uniforn, noe werk !!!!!!! YAY !! ♥♥♥

  9. You found her bag so you are halfway there!

  10. Were you talking nice to the neighbour Poppy?

    It was furry good of you to help mom find her bag. We hope she finds her uniform...unless it means she doesn't have to go to work.