Friday, July 7, 2017


There are some rulez at the house of Q.

  • When mum gets home she is allowed to say hello.  Then she must drop her bags and feed me.
  • I likes the heater put on in our bedroom.  This must happen after dinner.
  • Treats must be ready to be served any time between 7-10pm.
  • You can come and talk to me for a while.  I is allowed to touch mum anywhere I like.  She can pat me for 10 minutes max only.
  • You must vacate the mum bed after 8am every morning.   It is the Poppy bed between 8am and 11pm.  
What are the rulez at your house?


  1. HaHa! Well Poppy!x I don't think anyone can
    argue with those rulez! :).
    But, l'm sure there are a few more, at the back
    of your mind, perhaps you'll tell us at a later
    date... l always say...
    "Dogs have owners, cats have staff". Bless!x

  2. Poppy, dear, Rule #1 is: Breakfast is to be served on fresh paper plates promptly at 06:00. Breakfast shall consist of a can of a certain brand of goopy cat food, and a particular flavor. At this time, fresh kibble, ditto the brand and flavor specs, is to be placed in the kibble bowl and the water bowl refreshed. {It is not required, but highly recommended, that the server stand by at the sink, paper towel at the ready, in the event a member of the breakfast party eats too quickly and regurgitates the meal.)

  3. Poppy are you the duchess of Downton Abbey ? I hope I have treated you with the distinction you deserve. Millie's demands are almost as bad as yours. She wants to lie on her mum beans tummy watching tv at night and she is very heavy. However when mum has all she can take the man bean will take her out to lie beside the burner. However it can be an on going battle of who gets through the door first. That can be a game mum does not enjoy much especially when Mills hides under the dressing table or curtains and refuses to be caught.
    Now I think of it I think mum and dad bean live in Downton abbey too. What a tough life for a cat.

  4. It is good to have rules Poppy, and I hope your mum sticks to them. If she doesn't, I am sure you let her know.

  5. I see you have things set up very well at your house, Poppy! My human is a rebel so it's pretty hard to set rules around here. Even Binga has a hard time!

  6. Our rules are meals on time, plenty of porch time and most important of all, if we are sleeping with mum and she stirs in the night, we must be immediately given food!

  7. Many rules here too, Poppy.
    Dinner must be served at 6:00 pm.
    Treat and a good brushing must happen before mum settles down in bed.
    Breakfast must be served before mum gets her food.
    Mum must spend time with me immediately upon coming home from work.
    The bed belongs to me. Mum must ask permission to sleep in it.

  8. Those are great rules. We may have to adopt them!