Monday, July 3, 2017


Last night I meowed at mum non stop for twenty minutes until she figured out what I wanted.  I wanted treats, but the cupboard was bare.  Naughty mum.  She had to truck me by giving me some biscuits - but i'm not fooled.  So mum went to the supermarket tonight and stocked up.  Those should last about a week - haha!!!
Mums dinner tonight - a pepper steak with hash browns again and broccoli.   Tasty!!!

Are you all having a tasty dinner tonight too?


  1. You are certainly well set up for a good while now poppy. Lucky that mum understands cat language. Mums dinner looks so tasty. She has such good ideas. I expect you prefer your temptations though poppy.

  2. Poppy, dear, you're a fortunate kitty inasmuch as Mum "understands your case." And your mum is fortunate that you're a cat of simple tastes. My clowder of cats would demand a menu to see the starters...

  3. HeHe! Perhaps you should have sniffed out
    Mums steak Poppy!x Though the pepper would
    have made you sneeze! :).

    To~night l'm having chicken wings..l've
    got four left over from yesterday..and
    l love meat on the bone! Love chewing on
    the bones...and half bottle of red wine
    from yesterday..All that and a bit of tennis..
    Sorted! Cheers! :0).

  4. Yum! To both treats and dinner (unlike you, I'll eat human food if given the chance).

  5. That's close to what I had for dinner Saturday, Poppy - your mum's meal, not your treats!

  6. Holly enjoys Feline Greenies treats. I buy the big 'value' size bag. I had a big lunch out today so no appetite for dinner.