Sunday, July 23, 2017

Sunday Feeds

Mum is glad that Sunday evening has finally rolled around.   Her shifts have finished, a long 7 days in a row and now she has two days off so even though it is Sunday, it feels like a Friday night.  She was tired though and after coming through the door, she gave me my feast and then needed a nap.

Luckily for mum, she had leftovers in the fridge and now has a full tummy.  After two weeks of storms mum has been putting out apples and food for our local blackbirds and sparrows who seem hungry.  The good thing is it gives me something to look out the window at.


  1. That's good news Poppy!x Mum having two days off..! :).
    She'll be able to relax a bit perhaps! More time to
    spend with you! :). HeHe! Perhaps you can watch the
    local birds..together! :).

    Oh! And, tell Mum if she gets a chance to go see that
    film..'Captain Underpants'..she'll love it, laugh from
    start to finish! Not just for kids!

    After rains and storms over here, settled down to some
    sunshine, until Wens, then more rain, typical English
    summer...Still, my hanging baskets look nice! :).

  2. Lovely to see the birds. Makes it feel like spring even though we are still weeks away from September. Gosh mum must be tired after such a long stint. Two days doesn't seem quite enough to recover. I hope the weather stays nice for the next 2 days at least. You can then both go sit outside and enjoy the birds. I am sure poppy is far too well fed to. Chase birds. Millie lay on a deckchair all day watching and now is happy on my bed. Her mood is definitely improved. Small that violent wind and rain had her so bored. We were lucky with no flooding.

  3. We are glad Mum has a couple of days off. She works so hard!

    How nice of Mum to put out those feeds for the critters. And what a benefit that you get to watch!

  4. We hope you and mum have a relaxing and enjoyable two days together. Your poor mum sure deserves a rest. The birds will enjoy their treats - how kind of your mum to think of them too.

  5. You get bird TV and the birdies get noms. Sounds like win-win all the way 'round.
    Great for your mum to finall be able to relax. That was a hellacious work schedule.

  6. I wish I could persuade more birds to come around the apartment here, so that the beasts can have more to view. Food doesn't seem to lure them.

  7. We are glad Mum has a couple of days off. She works so hard!