Sunday, February 24, 2019

Big Cats

It was stormy and cold here today with a wintry 11 degrees.  Mum decided on plan C - which was to stay indoors in layers of warm clothing and to read her book.  She also showed me Big Cats on the TV.  Those cats sure are beautiful but mum does find it hard to watch images of them hunting.

I think I should have been included as I am a mighty hunter too.


  1. The big cats are beautiful. I agree, Poppy, you are a Mighty Hunter.

  2. They are wonderful Poppy!x AND...I~LOVE~TIGERS..
    Of course you should be on there..after all, look
    at the size of that mouse you caught recently..! :).
    You are a number one hunter..Bless!x

  3. Staying inside here too. Cold, very windy.

  4. I agree, Poppy! You are totally a mighty hunter, just like the others.

  5. I think your mum is trying to forget the results of some of your hunting, Poppy.