Saturday, February 16, 2019


Caturday was spent as a snoozeday.  The neighbors party only ended after midnight, so mum only got to sleep after 1am, so mums 5am alarm clock was a rude awakening.  So it was a long day at work for mum and even though she fought it, she had to climb into bed and have a nap with me.  So it is a quiet night at home with noodles for dinner and mum is ready to head back to bed at 10pm.  It is quite the crazy Caturday here at the house of Q.


  1. I hope your mum gets a better night's sleep tonight, Poppy.

  2. I should think you needed to snooze Poppy!x
    You had a busy week..what with that mouse
    and all..let's hope both of you have a
    restful weekend..Bless! :).

  3. oh that must be tough with party's and shift work.

  4. Sorry your mum didn't get a lot of sleep.