Friday, February 22, 2019


Today was a well earned day off for me and the mumster.  She pulled this photo out from the archives as it is one of her faves - we loved living in that house.  She was good and mopped, washed , hoovered and cleaned around our place today as it was overcast and drizzly, although not as bad as predicted.

She thought she would put in this short slide show showing some of the devastation that happened in Christchurch 8 years ago when a 6.2 earthquake struck.  185 people were killed, and up to 2000 injured.   The city is still recovering, and we all know people who were affected.

Tonight will be a good night to cosy down and relax once the jobs are done.  Good job mum.


  1. How awful that earthquake was! We also live in an earthquake zone, so we really feel for the people who suffered.

  2. Oh! My! Goodness Poppy!x
    I have'nt seen any of those..Such a terrible
    shame, earthquakes are such devastating things!
    Thank Mum for this video..l will look at it
    again during the course of the day! Bless!x

  3. We visited NZ four years ago and we couldn’t go to Christchurch as it was still a mess and same areas not safe

  4. The earthquake caused awful devastation. Was your old house damaged in the earthquake?

    1. Christchurch is 440km away on a seperate island to us, so although we felt the earthquake there wasn't much damage in our city from it. A couple of years ago there was one much closer that has meant lots of buildings got damaged here, but no injuries.

  5. Poppy, that photo of you is wonderful, no wonder it's one of your mum's favourites.

    My goodness, is it 8 years already since that earthquake? We do recall that, and your blog at the time. We certainly hope that nothing of that magnitude ever happens again.

    Purrs to you both!

  6. Scary times those were. We don't get those kinds of earthquakes here, we are just buried with snow right now.

  7. poppy...wavez ta yur gorgeouz self frum thizza way ^^^

    while we rememburr de nastee quake yur countree had we troo lee dinna think it
    bee 8 yeerz now ~~~~



  8. Eight years ago already? So many years, but for many as recent as yesterday.