Friday, February 15, 2019


Sadly today we had to say goodbye to our potted flowers.  They survived four months at home, but sadly succumbed to the summer drought of 2019.  Mum and I had a sleep in which was lovely as the city was covered in cloud and a light drizzle, that will hopefully help the rest of the garden.  By the early afternoon the cloud had cleared so mum went out for a walk.  She had to go to the post office which made her feel very old fashioned, as our city has closed them all down in the past year and seems to have thought that putting a desk up in a local book shop or convenience store is the same.  She feels for old people set in their ways that must struggle with all of the modern changes, especially as they often don't do internet banking or pay their bills online.

Anyway mum felt good as she had some clothes and boots to return for a refund, which will help put some money back into her pocket.  She got a couple of groceries and headed home.  The evening has passed quickly, and although mum wanted an early night, the neighbors are entertaining with some loud tunes.  Mum thinks she might not be quiet at 6.30am as she leaves for work in the morning.  So I will need a big long snooze on Caturday to catch up on my zzzzzs.


  1. Ah! Sorry to here about your flowers Poppy!x
    Still..won't be to long, you'll be planting
    some more for a colourful display! :).

    Post Offices closing over here to..though the
    government have just stepped in to stop ATM
    machines closing down..500 a week closing...
    Elderly people rely on them, l need and use
    mine, as don't do any banking on line, and
    never will..!

    Well, best get on..let you catch up on your
    zzzzzzZ! Nite! Nite!x

  2. Too bad about the petunias! I always like to look at colourful annuals, but hate the watering. My interest in doing that wanes as the season progresses!

    Regarding post offices: We have the main branch downtown, which used to be a sorting/delivery hub, but now everything you mail here goes first to Ottawa, 2 hours away, then to its destination...even if that destination is right here in our city! Isn't that stupid? It's been that way for years now. And there have been postal outlets in drugstores around town ever since I've been here (20+ years). I actually find that very convenient. There used to be a postal outlet on campus, which was SUPER convenient, but they did away with that when they renovated that particular building. A shame, it was always busy.

    And about older people coping with new ways of doing things: My mom still doesn't do any kind of online banking. For her, it's a social thing to get out and go to a teller. (Whatever tellers are called now.) I've done as much banking online as possible for years now, but only recently downloaded my bank's app. Mostly because it gets horrendous reviews. LOL. I've not actually DONE anything via app, but I can at least log in, check balances, etc. BTW, I love e-transfer! I pay my pet sitter that way. And I only downloaded my grocery stores' apps a couple of months ago...should have done it AGES ago! You get lots of bonus offers and can collect points much faster, use them toward your purchases (which does help me greatly).

    Still, I use only a fraction of what's available with today's smart phones. (I do have security concerns, rightly or wrongly.)

    Anyway, a hex (lol) on your noisy neighbours! Yes, don't try to be so quiet! :-D


  4. These people - nobody thinks about a cat's need for her beauty rest.

  5. poppy...that iz sad coz yur flowerz bee awesum ~~~ ♥♥

  6. They closed down the post offices? Good Heavens. Well, I suppose they are doing that here to an extent, too. And telephone booths; remember those?