Sunday, February 3, 2019


Today was a lovely day - the sun was shining and not a cloud in the sky.  Mum got washing done super early and took herself out.  She needed to stick up on her favourite candles and did a lot of window shopping.  Mum got some avocados and made guacamole for her dinner and blueberries for snacks. 

Mum came home to keep me company.  I like that the best.


  1. It was another really hot one here. But it’s cooled down now. So hopefully the weather starts to be a tad more friendly for us
    Glad you had a nice day

  2. Enjoy the sun in your garden, Poppy! It was -5C this morning when I got up. Nowhere near as cold as in the US, but too cold for me! I'll put another log on the fire!

  3. Ah! No looking under the bushes for
    you to~day Poppy!x Out in the sunshine,
    the suns out over here to..but very cold,
    just put some washing out, should dry o.k.
    it did yesterday..
    Nearly nine o'clock, another lemon tea, then
    off up to the supermarket at ten..Job done! :).

  4. No sun here, but at least we are out of the deep freeze!