Monday, February 4, 2019


Mum was glad that she got organised last night, as she was a bit tired this morning.  Lunch was made - egg and tomato rolls with an orange for a snack.  She got to have some tasty dinner.  Baked fish with a roasted corn salsa and home made fries.  Tasty foods for her.  My fancy feast and biscuits were tasty too. 

How was your foods today?


  1. Foods...Well..Fudge was round at eight o'clock,
    for his saucer of 'warmed' milk and a few Dreamies
    biscuits..Then Freddie was at the front door scratching,
    at 8:15..for his little plate of chewies and some meat,
    this morning l kept some my bacon and sausage...Bless him,
    he is 15yrs old now, getting a bit deaf and blind, but,
    he's one of my bestest him to bits!x

    Enjoy the sun Poppy!x

  2. That sounds like a yummy meal for your mum! We prefer the Fancy Feast and kibble too, though. :-)

  3. I try to organize as much as possible in the evening, too, Poppy. That way I only have to get up very early, not crazy early...

  4. Not bad. Weekend got some ham tastes, today, stinky goodness plus crunchies.