Sunday, April 10, 2022


Mums alarm went off at 5.44am, and she fell asleep until 6.04am, waking up dreaming that she would be late to work.  So a quick scrub, wash, brush and dress she called an uber and made it to work early.  She was pleased to get a lunch break today and to eat and drink, something she didn't manage on Saturday when it was too busy.  

She got some good groceries  after work and then was lazy and just had toasted bagels for dinner.  Now time for some yoghurt and passionfruit for dessert.   John asked about the birdies eating our passionfruits.  The skin seems too tough for them to get through,  although the ones that fall and split may be nibbled on.


  1. The birds get the windfall fruit, then. I feel sorry for the birds, but it means the fruit is saved for your mum.

  2. Poppy, what a sweet photo of you. Sounds like, all in all, your mum had a good day.