Friday, August 12, 2022


 Mum got given today as a day off which was nice as she was tired.   After 3 afternoon shifts it was nice to have an evening at home.  Mum made butter chicken and rice for dinner for herself.    I ate 3/4 of my feast, so mum was pleased.  She settled in and made a drink and sat down and watched Grease which was on the telly.

Last night mum got home before midnight,  and before it poured down for about 2 hours, possibly the heaviest we've seen this winter.  Today the skies have cleared but its 1 degree C out there tonight.  Mums ready for a nice sunny day tomorrow  - me too!  I was out on my chair at 1.40pm today, early early.  


  1. I hope you can both enjoy some sun. Meow from Florida where it is presently cloudy, My Mum lost a sweet Aunt yesterday She was almost 103. I'm being especially nice to her,

  2. That sounds a bit cold after all that rain, Poppy. Sunny skies will indeed be welcome and time off work.

  3. We have had soooo much rain.
    But no where near as much as further north. So many floods
    It’s nice to be able to sit and relax for a change. We watched Grease too
    Livy sure did leave a huge lasting memorial in so many peoples lives.

  4. We need rain here to cool things down, Poppy; send some, would you? As for the chair - you have to grab some comfortable time when you can, eh?