Thursday, August 18, 2022


 It is yet another wintry stormy day here, with the wild weather hitting mostly south of us.  Mum had a hair appointment at 10 so only a little sleep in, then an hour in the chair and mum wandered around town for an hour before heading home.  

Then her bestie called saying could they meet up in town,  so mum changed clothes and headed back onto bus.  They looked at heaps of shops at the other end of town, and stopped for a drink.  There is a food festival in town, with a burger special on , with lots of restaurants trying to outdo each other with burgers.  They tried one restaurant  which was too busy and noisy, so went to the Macs BreBar and had their Huff and Puff burger - full of pork and slaw and a mountain of fries.  Tasty and rich but filling - 4/5.

Home in the rain again and mum is ready for a big sleep tonight.


  1. Drats with the rain, Poppy. But yum with your mum's food!

  2. It looks very delicious!! Yes rain & winds here too ... I think most of the country are getting hit with it.

  3. Oh, that hamburger looks good, as do the French fries. Yep, I can feel my cholesterol rising as I look at it, but who cares, now and then?