Friday, August 26, 2022


 Mum stayed home and relaxed with me during the day, but headed out in the afternoon to meet friends for drinks.  Mum enjoys a lemon, lime + bitters to drink.  The pub was busy and they handed out free fries and spicy cauliflower- yumm.  After lots of girlie gossip they went go another pub to have their fancy burger.  This place was super noisy and they felt very old.  The burger was nice and they enjoyed the fact that they were out socializing,  but glad to head home at 8pm.

Mum was glad to get home and put the heaters on.  She told me about her evening out, and then I flaked out behind the couch.  Sounds exhausting to me mum.


  1. I'm glad you both had a good day.

  2. We're glad your mum's feeling better and that she had fun out! A few too many bipeds for us, we think (noisy pubs). LOL.

  3. Exhausting, yes, Poppy, but enjoyable, no doubt. Your mum must have been feeling better to go. Why was the pub handing out free French fries? It wouldn't matter: I'd accepted them in any case.