Friday, August 19, 2022


 The rain has been relentless here, but mum could sleep in today and didn't have to venture out until midday .  The ubers were expensive when she left work this evening but she didn't want to wait for the bus in the rain.  She has a few hours with me before she has to get some sleep, and be ready for an early shift in the morning.   She's made lunch for tomorrow, got her uniform ready and needs to sort some clothes out for after work.  Me - I'm snoozing - ready for the weekend. 


  1. We wish you could send us some of your rain, Poppy, we're dry as dust here, after such a rainy start to the summer back in June.

    We wish you both a good weekend, hope work goes well for your mum and that you get lots of snoozing time.

  2. We have had so much rain. I seriously need to swim to the chickens to feed them. Lucky their pen is built on higher ground or they’d have to transition to ducks!

  3. We'll take some of that rain, Poppy.