Saturday, August 20, 2022


 Mum was up early and at work at 6.50am this morning.   She had a steady day and was pleased to see some sunshine as she left work.   It didn't last too long and she was pleased she had a rain jacket with her.

Dinner was another burger, a solid 4/5 and the roasty spuds with it was a 5/5.  Then mum and a bstie went to the cinema to see Good Luck to you Leo Grande.  Emma Thompson is amazing as a widowed school teacher who hires a young sex worker to help her.  It was funnier than I expected, with the audience laughing through most of the film.  Truly original and delightful  - a 5/5.   

As they left the cinema it poured down, but mums buses were not long coming and mum  was home soon with me.  Pats and dinner and mum told me all about her busy day.   


  1. That sounds like an all-in-all good day, Poppy! We have heard good things from so many people about that movie. We would like to see it!

  2. I've not heard of this movie, but then, I don't keep up with current films as I used to. I'm glad your mum had a fun day; she deserved it.