Tuesday, August 30, 2022


 Seen on mums walk home today.    She's enjoying the birds singing more on her early walk to work at 6.20am.  This means she can finish at 3pm and enjoy the warm afternoon sunshine.  She then came home and told me about her day, watched some tik toks, had dinner and chased me round to give me a brush.  Now she's going to rinse the dishes, wash her face , give me a pat and off to bed to read for a while.  


  1. The magnolias are lovely! It's always so uplifting to see spring blooms. :-)

  2. Those flowers are so pretty, Poppy. And it sounds like the two of you had a nice evening together!

  3. A busy day, but a good one, I think. And do the blooms mean your spring has started early?