Friday, October 21, 2022

Day Off

 Mum had a day off work today and enjoyed not having the alarm go off at 5.30am.  Imstead we slept in until 8am which was lovely as it was cold this morning.   Mum had to pull out a merino jumper and her puffer jacket and she met a bestie for a cafe lunch.  The girls then went and saw Mrs Harris Goes to Paris, which was sweet and charming.  A smiley 4/5.

On the way home mum stopped at this wee shop.  The owners dog ran up for a greeting, then ran round the shop before plopping herself on the bed in the window which made mum smile.  She got a few treats at the supermarket - gerkins and grapes, and a minestrone soup for her dinner.

A great day off.


  1. That dog is so cute! "How much is that doggie in the window...." (That old song...have no idea who even sung it. And great, now I'm going to have that in my head all day....)

    Anyway, we are glad your mum had a good day off, Poppy!!!

  2. What a wonderful day for you and Mum and that cute dog. Lukas would love Mum's favorite sandwich!

  3. we haz knot for gotten bout ewe poppy Q, still on limited data time heer
    in de land oh trout…hope ewe N mum iz happee healthee and heerz two a grate
    week end ❤️🐟

  4. Minnie would love to sit on the bed and watch everyone. She would hope everyone had treats that came into the shop. Listened on audio Mrs Harris went to Paris, looking forward to seeing the movie.

  5. da mum watched dat movie earlier dis week, she sed it was a cute movie

  6. Ah, wonderful! Such a lovely day off. I thought at first the movie your mum saw was the version with Angela Lansbury, shown as a tribute to the recently deceased actress, made thirty years ago. But it's a re-make, which I didn't know had been made. The Lansbury version is itself a re-make of one from 1958 starring Gracie Fields! I didn't know of that one, either. I liked the little doggie in the window, too.