Saturday, April 1, 2023


 The 2nd night of nightshift is always hardest for mum as her body struggles to adjust to swapping sleeping times.  When mum headed to bed at 8.30am this morning she got into her side, but I constantly meowed at her from 11am to midday wanting my spot back.  So she got up, had some lunch and then went back to bed, sleeping on the other side of the bed so I could continue snoozing ( the side I am sitting on in this photo).

I still sat and meowed at her for an hour.  She can't figure out what I want, but I know she'll work it out soon.


  1. No rest for the weary ... poor mum.

  2. That spunds so rough for your mum, Poppy. It must be very confusing for you, too.

  3. You should be used to your mum's shifts by now, Poppy, and let her rest when she comes home.