Thursday, March 13, 2008

Creative meme -

Our friend Daisy the Curly Cat got tagged for a creative meme: This is what she wrote on her blog:

I was tagged by Butchy and Snickers to create something. Here is the challenge, which originally came from Maggie & Mitch:

I'm challenging bloggers to make something, anything, and post about it. Let's see what you creative people come up with! Here are the rules:

1. Make something, anything. It doesn't have to be complicated or artsy. Make a list, take an interesting picture, make someone's day, make dinner, make a doodle, make fun of yourself, make a poem, make your bed (OK, that last one is lame).
2. Write a blog about it. With pictures for extra brownie points.
3. Link to this blog and challenge six other bloggers to do the same.
So mum and I thought there was a gap in the market. We thought that cats might need their own special celebration hats for parties/birthdays and gotchaversaries. What do you think?
Would anyone buy one?
We has to figure out how we would fasten them under your chin, and figure out how you would pay for dem.
We would also use some of the monies to help one of our special friends. Who may or may not be our Friday friend tomorrow.
Looking forward to the feedback.
Poppy Q and mum


  1. Oh, Poppy Q, that is so adorable! I love it! I would get one. Most of my hats stay on with an elastic under the chin. I do not mind that.

  2. I think that's a great idea Poppy!

  3. Yeah, Poppy Q. That is an excellent idea. Mom would get one! You're gonna need some major elastic to keep one our heads, though. We're not very cooperative when Mom tries to put hats on us. Or ties. Or T-shirts....

  4. Poppy Q-That looks awesome! Perhaps as a suggestion, you should have created an outdoors type cap for your "adventures"!!

    If I could make one suggestion, perhaps you might add a wig or kitty wig with your party hat. Everyone likes to get dressed up for a party. Check out the ones at: Go to the bottom of it where it says, "Come on in" and you can see the four wig choices.

    As for attaching your hat, why not add some fabric straps and velcro. That's how Wiggles Santa cap came and the velcro works well. Wiggles is not a hat man and he was mad the whole time he had to wear it.

  5. Hi Poppy Q. What a lovely hat your bean created. We loves the fabric!

  6. Oh Poppy Q, we like that hat very much. Very cute indeed.

  7. Love the hat, although I do not wear hats. I just don't look good in them.

  8. Poppy Q your hat is so festive! I love it. I only wish my Stryder had more fashion sense. Check out my contribution to the Creative challenge.

  9. Poppy, have you thought about a velcro attachment at the chin. Furrs may be stuck in it though. Hmmmm. The elastic just wouldn't work here, Goldie would chew it off.

    A nice ribbon tie?


  10. We love your party hat Poppy Q! We would get one and wear it (and if we didn't, we know some furry friends who might). You're very generous!