Thursday, August 30, 2012


My mum is addicted to looking at little puppies for sale on Trademe.  She is not going to actually get a puppy, although one day in the far ahead future she would love to have a puppy.  Mum does think that all of these ones are super cute.  (we do hope that people choose to visit their local shelters to find a new dog too).


  1. SQUEEEE!!

    You do know that for 35 years I had dogs, right? Fabulous Mutts and adorable Pekingese.

    That was BC... before cats.

    I SO miss having dogs. srsly.

    Have a lovely day, ladies!

  2. These puppies look very cute, but they grow into big doggies! We do like doggies here but we're pretty much cat obsessed! Have good weekend, Poppy and Julie.
    Hen xxxxx

  3. Aren't they a little group of gorgeousness?! Our mum gets sucked into the PetRescue vortex, she is addicted to looking at geezer dogs. She very very nearly drove out to Kalgoorlie to pick one up about a month ago. If dad hadn't been getting home the next day I think we would be very annoyed with her right now.

  4. poppy,

    puppy 3 reminds uz of a puppy mom's grandparents had !!! he was called murf the surf :) and while him wuz by noe meens az smart az us kittehs !! he wuz one of the smartest doggies they ever had !

  5. I was a little worried that you were addicted. I am glad it just your human but I do hope she does not get one for you. They are a lot of work to snoopervise.

  6. My Mom keeps drooling over Bulldogs! I guess they're nice. I got to meet a Greyhound last time I went to the veterinary place.

  7. We love all critters but not as much as cats. There is something about a cat that's simply irresistible!

  8. Those are some cute pooches! You just have to say, awww!