Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Dear Birdies, I hopes you enjoys that bread that mum left on the shed roof for yoo.  She was annoyed cos when she bought it it tasted a bit stale.  Rather than waste it, she recycled it and thought you could get fat.  Then yoo could fall off the shed roof - and I could eat you.  You see we try not to be wasteful here at Chez Q.


  1. On the Roof!!! WHY did I not think of that???
    I put birdies food on the ground - under a tree...
    then Yoshi catches fat birdies...
    I don't want that...
    On the roof be a great idea!!!!!

  2. I always check the dates on bread before I buy it, just in case! I try to only buy bread when it's buy one get one free and then I pop them into the freezer. I only take out 2-4 slices at a time, when it's just me, as I don't eat bread quick enough before it goes stale.

    At least the birdies enjoyed the stale bread!

    Have a lovely day, ladies!

  3. Poppy, did you and your human really team up on this? Because it sounds like an awesome plan!

  4. ultimate recycling I would say....what goes around, comes around!

  5. poppy...if we send ewe 67,984 cases oh fish will ewe promize KNOT ta eat de stooooooooooopid, rood, noizee tastes like rotten mice thatz been mixed up with disgustin squirel...burd



  6. Ah, now there is a thought. Good luck Poppy Q!

  7. Just look at that lovely, round face! So adorable!
    Waste not, want not. That's the thing isn't it, Poppy dear.

  8. that is a pawsome plan, Miss PoppyQ!
    You are so furry smart!
    Your speshul furend, TK

  9. Feeding the birdies is a good dead. Not so much hoping they fall off so you can eat them!