Friday, August 17, 2012

For Janet

Tonight my mum had a lovely evening out with her friend Janet from  ninehundredandseventytwelverecipes and her husband Rick.  They were in town for the weekend, and mum said it is lovely to meet new friends.  Much as she would have liked to invite them round, I was traumatized from the gardener being round and digging my garden.

Mum said that she had started the blog in 2007, and thought that many of my friends would not have seen this early picture of me.  Here I am catching the sunbeams on the path of my old house. Mum and I are lucky that blogging has bought so many good people into our life, and we have made so many great friends.


  1. That's very cool that your mum got to spend time with Janet and Rick! Our human follows Janet's blog too. :-)

    Poppy, that's a wonderful, flirty, fun photo of you!

  2. We love that photo! It is terribly tempting to try and jump through the screen and divecuddle you.

    Have a happy weekend ladies :)

  3. Yes, isn't great all the people we meet online?

  4. Having met a few blogger friends in person many times now, I can vouch for that! Although I don't think I'll ever get over to your side of the world, much as I would love to meet you both in person! :)

    Have a lovely day, ladies!

  5. There is something truly magical about blogging - I have met so many good pals... and so has my human!

  6. You are so lucky that Mom takes your feelings into consideration!

  7. We're home again. We enjoyed our weekend away, but it's nice to be back.
    I've just collected my Poppy from the orphanage and she is very pleased to be home...
    Great to meet you Julie XO