Saturday, August 25, 2012


Last night mum got to get two hours sleep - yippee for her.  So at 6am, she got off to the fruit and veg market, sat and had a banana for breakfast and got home in time to couple of chores.  Then she moved me over, and got a little nap before heading off to the hairdresser.

So tonight, she has to do a tidy up, cooks some dinner, collapse on the couch and then head to bed early.  Guess she'll want her spot back?


  1. Poppy, you look so comfortable there. I am sure she can find her own spot.

  2. Crikey! 2 hours? I couldn't manage on just 2 hours. Be extra sweet to your Mum today, Miz Pops! OK?

    Have a restful weekend ladies! As much as possible at least!

  3. Two hours is not much! Hope she gets a good nap today!

  4. It's not her spot if you are there first Poppy.

  5. Oh Poppy q you sure do not look to happy at the thought of being moved. Or maybe you didn't get much sleep last night too?
    Love leanne

  6. You look very comfy, Poppy but maybe a cosy snuggle with Mom is in order.

    Only 2 hours sleep? Our mom says she wouldn't be able to sit up, let along stand and go to the market!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku(Mom Eileen)