Saturday, September 1, 2012

Goodbye August - Hello September Spring

Today was a great Caturday.  Me and mum got to do the sleeps in, then we did some chores, and opened the doors in the house to let the first day of spring air into the house.  She went to the market, and got her favorite Saturday lunch (lamb curry + salad roti roll) and strawberries.

We hope you all have a lovely relaxing day planned.


  1. That sounds lovely, Miss Pops! Although I have never had lamb curry, I do love Spring!

    Have an absolutely lovely first (or second?) day of Spring, ladies!

  2. while you enjoy your Spring, Mom and I will enjoy our end of Summer. Fall doesn't begin for another month here.

    Mom wants to know what's in a salad roti?

  3. Welcome back spring! I wish our winter was less than six months long.

    Enjoy the sunshine Poppy!

  4. We do have a relaxing day planned. I just sat on the woman and purred.

  5. We have open windows here too... only we are welcoming a fresh fall day!

  6. Our mom is coming home today after being out of town a few days.