Monday, November 11, 2013

Meow Monday

 Hahaha - mum loves this expression on my face.  I sent the muster off to work at midday.  12-8pm is a good shift, but it mucks you around at meal time.  Not to worry, she got home and still got me my feast before she raided the fridge.  She even got motivated in the morning and went to the library, she's reading Sharon Osbornes latest autobiography - you have to admire the lady, the career she made for herself, making her family rich and famous.  She loves her family children and grand daughter Pearl so much, even with all their faults, the drug abuse and drama. Mum's not up to the part where Sharon moves out/kicks Ozzy out of the house.  She can't wait to read more - she likes it when she is enjoying a book, especially as the last two books were not mums cup of tea.  Better not watch too many tv shows tonight - mum's got to get reading.

Hope you are having a good Monday!!

We are sure many of our friends have watched the news tonight.  We hope everyone can help with a few dollars to aid the international red cross or other organisations to help out.  What a terrible tragedy, and we feel for all the people affected by the typhoon that struck over the weekend in the Philippines and Vietnam.  We have donated some money - instead of mum going out for brunch/lunch over the weekend, she donated her money to relief efforts.


  1. Looks as though your just going to burst into song Poppy!x
    You look lovely as ever...!

    And, yes, saying prayers for all those poor lost souls...Terrible thing to happen..Terrible!x

  2. What a face poppy. I'm sure you could get away with murder with a face like that. Cuddle up and help your mum enjoy her books

  3. Since my human was a rock journalist for many years, she has heard many stories about how formidable a woman Sharon Osbourne is!

    I am purring lots for those poor people and animals in the Philippines. Our little part of northeast Los Angeles actually has quite a sizable community of Filipinos, so there are a lot of people here for whom this is a very personal tragedy.

  4. oh Poppy - you bring the biggest smile to my face and warms my heart every time I see you pics.

    I have been more than blessed to spend the weekend at home safe and sound with my chunky fur child, Chuckie. and after the devastation of the super typhoon i realise how lucky i am.

    I'm lucky that where I go in the Philippines isn't the area affected, but today I learned one of my staff members husbands whole family is missing. its just so difficult to comprehend what has happened. I agree, let all donate what we can, every bit will help xxxxx

  5. I haven't done any reading since my cruise. Too much going on. No time to read. Bugger.

    Have a lovely day, lovely ladies!

  6. You have the sweetest face!! Make sure to cuddle your Mum when she makes the book better. We're purring lots for the people in the Philippines. Mum has Filipino friends who have family there so we're donating to help out as much as we can.

  7. You has the most expressive face Poppy! So cute.

    Mom did the same, she gived some green papers and says she can go without a couple of lunches out to help out the people and animals caught in the typhoon.

    Our Canadian government is matching the contributions so that helps too!

    We kitties are sending our purrs.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  8. poppy Q...yur eggs pression iz price less N way awesum oh ewe N yur mum ta help out de Philippines


  9. Haha! That is a cute expression Poppy.
    Mum has a good friend who lives in Manilla but she has spoken to him on FB and thankfully he is safe. It is a terrible tragedy.

  10. You look like you are saying something quite important.

  11. Mum just started a book on Bruce Springsteen. Mum is deciding what to do to donate. Every bit will help.