Saturday, November 2, 2013

Shhhhhh Caturday

Today there was a bit of napping going on in Chez Q this Caturday.  I have the pip (it means I'm annoyed) cos mum has been chasing me around with the grooming comb.  She says that I am moulting, and she is trying to tidy up my tufty bits, especially round my trouser pants area, but I don't like being brushed there, especially with the furminator or comb.

Mum was very pleased to see the sun was shining and for the first time in weeks she got to go to the market.  She picked up onions, potatoes, tomatoes, corriander, bananas, zucchini, carrots, lettuce and a pomegranate.  So lots of tasty meals are planned for the week ahead.

She then went and joined a friend for a big burger and to see the movie  About Time,  well worth a ticket price, mum even got tears in her eyes and she did enjoy it lots.  Mum is quite happy to eat at 5.30pm, to the 6.15pm showing and be home by 8.30pm, suits her fine.  Time to watch a show on the box and still head to bed for a spot of reading.

Enjoy your Caturday everybuddy.


  1. HeHe! Trouser pants area...That made me chuckle Poppy!x.
    But..You have to have it done, that's how you look so lovely and beautiful...Be brave....! :).x

  2. What a lovely day your mum had! We hope Sunday is just as nice--with no brushing of the pantaloons. LOL.

  3. Poppy, I LOVE to be brushed! If you don't want it, send your human to me!

  4. Me and Sasha likes to get brushed, but Saku hates it.

    Isn't it fun to makes the mum run about? We likes doing that too, MOL

    Have a great Caturday!

  5. Poor Poppy Q ... our cats enjoy a brush but have short hair so no knots. (Stella the poodle doesn't like her feet touched and her lip will even go up with a little growl)
    Thanks I was wondering if the movie would be worth going to see - us girls will go next rainy day.
    Love Leanne

  6. I am glad I don't get tufty bits in my trouser pants area Poppy! I hardly moult at all. Eric used to moult enough for both of us and about 6 more cats too.

  7. We don't like having our pantaloons brushed either.

  8. Trouser area aside, you look lovely and smooth to us! Hope your Sunday is great, too. XOXO

  9. We do not like Mom combing out trouser pants, either!

  10. First of all - a big happy birthday to you!!!

    Poppy Q - you remind me so much for Chuckie - your mannerisms are so similar. So nice to be home with him, and no trips away planned anytime soon. yay.

    Oh how gorgeous was "About Time" - I had a good tear too. Gorgeous storyline, scenery, soundtrack.

    Load of love from Kimberlee and the bass burger xx