Monday, February 23, 2015

Hairy Hipster

Beard                             VS                       Manbun

While the family were here in the little capital city of New Zealand, we invented a little game.  The hairy hipster is easy.  You can choose to be either beard or manbun.  If there are three of you, feel free to also choose the beard+manbun combo deal.  Then start counting.  It is hilarious if you live in a little hipster town like we do.

We were also on the lookout for the ultimate hipster.  The bearded manbun fellow on a skateboard with a guitar.  We know you are out there.
Photo sources unknown


  1. HeHe! I hate beards Poppy!x
    Horrid things! Even on men...! :>).

    Sounds like great fun though...!
    Manbun.....Yep! Ran over one in
    town this morn'in...!!!

  2. Poppy, dear, here we call them "fuzzy-wuzzy's". They're usually wearing sunglasses. Indoors. In the Aldi's liquor department..which makes sense of a sort, because one does find strange things in the Aldi's liquor department.

  3. poppy Q...itz still summer at yur place sew de dood could skate on bye... strummin a wee toon yet !!!

    lotz oh menz round heer haz beerdz now coz oh de weatherz...give em four N they will bee a shavin em off !!!

    sew who winned de game ☺ !! ??


  4. Ya can see dat ultimate hipster in Austin.

  5. LOL! Wellington sounds a lot like Portland, Oregon! We have the manbun-skateboard-guitar combo everywhere! And sometimes they're drinking their coffee at the same time too!

  6. Mum says clean shaven and neat shorter hair.

  7. In Toronto the Bearded Manbun Hipster species rides an old 10 speed bicycle with drop handlebars that he found in his parents' attic. Or the Wealthy BMH rides a very expensive racing style bicycle that will surely cause his death when the wheel gets caught in a streetcar track. Hee hee from Jessica

  8. Mmmmmm manbun dude!! If only I was 30 years younger!!!

  9. We haven't seen too many manbuns here but beards are all the rage in the winter time. We guess the facial hair keeps them warm. Mom bean says she prefers the clean-shaven, short hair.....but she's the furthest thing from hip there is!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku