Thursday, December 15, 2016

Book Lover

As mum plows through her shifts she has been able to find some time to read.  Even when she gets home late, reading is a way to quiet down her mind and get off to sleep a bit easier.  Unless I have to sit on the book like I did last night.


  1. My human cheats - sometimes she reads on her iPhone, which I don't lie on.

  2. Our Mom reads on her tablet. It is fun to knock out of her hand by rubbing on it!

  3. Clever girl Poppy!x
    Monitoring Mums reading! :).

  4. Our biped reads on her e-reader, for the most part, but she hasn't started anything new in a month or more, she seems to be too exhausted at night. Maybe over the Christmas break. :-)

  5. That's why your mum brings home so many books from the library, Poppy: to give you something to snooze on while she reads.

  6. poppy Q...we sended thiz yur emailz way but it came bak

    a trout filled Christmas
    a mackerull new yeer two
    health N happee nezz in de brand new yeer
    frum all oh uz two ewe

    with hugs N loves
    boomer, dai$y, tuna
    & dude & sauce two


    heerz two a merry Christmas anda happee one anda blessed one.....see ya ina few ☺☺☺☺♥♥♥♥♥

  7. Yeah, mum likes to relax with her books too.