Friday, December 23, 2016


zdravstvujtye  - we found out on Google that this is a Russian greeting for people we don't know well.  Mum looked at the stats this week from the blog, and we have been joined by lots of Russian readers.  Hello to you all.

Well it has hardly felt like summer here today with a meazley 11 degree c and rain.  Come on summer we really want some warmth and sun.  So mum read her book and napped with me, something I am excellent at - well maybe not the reading part.

Hope you are all organized for the holidays ahead.


  1. I've just spend the last ten minutes trying
    to pronounce that word Poppy!x
    It's got me beat! Still, nice to have viewers
    from Russia...Goodness! That is a long way away!

    Still damp over here, rain forecast later, and
    snow up in Scotland later, even though the temp.
    is quite warm!

    I'm off into town, just a few bits and pieces
    needed, then that's me done.
    I'm 'Home Alone' for Christmas Day, my family
    will be down next Friday for New Year, for a few

  2. Are you sure that just isn't you typing and not your mum?

  3. Come on sunshine! We would like some, too!