Saturday, December 17, 2016

Caturday Naptime

Mum has done her first night shift.   One down two to go.  She visited the supermarket on the way home for supplies.  She got a couple of hours sleep this morning then got up at lunchtime.   She got up and made some blt rolls.  She had a nap with me this afternoon, and let me have her bag next to me - I love the smell.

This afternoon she was awakened by the aerial guy.  A week or two ago the aerial got blown off its mount, but mum pushed it back on the roof.  The signal had been ok until Thursday so mum had to call someone in.  The guy was nice and showed mum the broken bracket which meant the whole system needed replacing.  So thanks for that - goodbye  $150.

So now mum is getting showering and dinner organised so that she can go back to work.

Hope you all had a nice Caturday.


  1. I've just got back from town..Very quiet!
    Though it does'nt get busy until about ten!
    Bought a Gold Star to put on the front door,
    it was just a pound..(£1) that will do!
    Looks nice anyway! :).

    I'm gonna have a lemon tea, cream cake, put
    some washing out, as it's warm and dry, then
    l've got a couple brace of pheasants to do!
    Tomorrows dinner..sorted! Yum! Yum! :0).

  2. That was nice of your mum to let you have her bag to sleep next to.

  3. We hope your mom's shift is over soon so she can get back home to you Poppy. Have an easy Sunday!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  4. Yikes, extra green papers out the door at the hollydaze. Nice you got her bag to sleep by. I usually just sleep by mum.

  5. It is a shame that small things cost so much!