Sunday, December 11, 2016

Still Sunday

More rain.  Luckily mum only got caught in one shower last night on her way to work.  She had three call ins and not too much sleep so today was a nap day for us girls.  Now she just has one more night you handle and another 7 days of work and her horrible 14 day stretch will be over.

Time for her to go and brush the knots out of her hair and make herself presentable.   Me - well I have had dinner and are napping already.


  1. 14 day stretch....that's a bit long Poppy!x
    Hope she will get time off at Christmas to
    enjoy that at least! :).

  2. 14 days is crazy scheduling. We, too, hope your mum will have time off around Christmas to enjoy herself and get some rest.

  3. 14 straight days of work, isn't that cruel and unusual punishment? Hope your mum gets lots of extra green papers for such a crazy work schedule.

  4. Yikes. 14 days? That's a super long stretch, Poppy. we hope Mum gets some good time off at Christmas!

  5. Hopefully Mom can catch up on some sleep this week