Friday, December 9, 2016

Our Day

Mum finished last night at 11pm.  She rushed home to give me my feast and had a little relaxation time of eating cookies and fruit while watchingsome reality TV.   In bed at 1am.  Up at 5.30am, shower and then back to work.

A good day at work although the deep foggy cloud gave mum a very bad hair day.  Finished at 3pm then a walk - library, supermarket stop offs.  A feast for me and chicken salad for mum.  Washing on and then a nap for us both.  Now it nears 10pm and mum is on call.  Go mum.

Me well I have moved from the spare room back onto mums bed sleeping on my towel.  20 hours sleep.   Job done.


  1. Your poor mum! I hope she gets some time off soon and catches up on some sleep
    Good thing your there to get some Z's for her poppy xx

  2. Once again Poppy!x
    I think you've got everything sussed!
    HeHe! 20hrs goodness!x

  3. Good heavens, you're mum must be exhausted! It's so thoughtful of you, Poppy, to do your best to make up the sleep for her, but somehow we think she needs her own rest!

  4. Poppy, dear, this hibernation in summer is called 'estivation'. You do it so well because you've practiced for hours!

  5. happee snoozin N happee week oh end poppy Q two ewe N mum; we iz later N an over doo bill gettin round blog land two day ~~~~~~~ ♥♥♥

  6. Seems like you both had pretty good days.