Saturday, December 3, 2016

Lovely Caturday

Happy Caturday my lovelies.  We hope you got to or are having a lovely day.  Mum and I had the best sleep in in ages, although I did wake her up at 6am to tell her it was morning time.

After her shower and a couple of loads of washing mum had some breakfast.   The courier dropped off the new plug for the computer but alas that hasn't fixed the problem so it looks like mum might need a new computer.   She thinks though she will have to wait until the Christmas sales.  Oh man.

She did get a few presents when she was out.  She then walked home and came and served up my feast.   Tonight we are relaxing and mum is thinking she should dig out the Christmas decorations.

We hope you have had a good  Caturday too.


  1. It looks lovely in your part of the world, Poppy! It has been cold here.

  2. I did my crib yesterday Poppy!x
    don't bother with a tree anymore, ever since
    my daughter left for Uni. Goodness! 22yrs ago.
    It looks good, l spend a lot of time on it, and,
    finishes up looking like a proper nativity scene!

    Sorry to hear of Mums computer....Has she tried
    hitting it with a hammer...HeHe! Works for me..! :0).

    Hang on...someone at the door..........
    Just a load of pheasant delivered, have to role up
    my sleeves and see to them later...! Bless!x

  3. Poppy, dear, I hope you're not doing something you should not be doing in that raised bed. Well, if it's flowers, OK, but vegetables? Not OK.

  4. Sounds like a lovely Caturday Poppy (with the exception of the plug.) We got mom bean up early too. She's made a loaf of banana bread, had her morning coffee, and has settled in to catch us up on the blogs. It's snowing here today so we'll get no sunny room time. Oh well, the couch makes a great place to take a nap.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  5. That is too bad about the computer! You have a lovely garden, Poppy!

  6. I am glad you both had a good sleep. I keep waking my mum through the night to make sure she is okay. That means she is always tired in the mornings and doesn't want to get out of bed. That suits me if she has an extra half hour. More snuggle time!

  7. Yay for getting a good night of sleep. Have your mum watch the specials running up to Christmouse, just in case they do a good sale before the big day.