Sunday, December 18, 2016

Countdown Sunday

 So we are on the end of mums long countdown of 15 days at work.   Tonight is her last night of nightshade and tomorrow at 7am work is finished for 2016 and mum is  not back there until January.  

I gifted mum a present of vomitingon her bedspread so she had to clean that up this morning.  When she went to bed I did snuggle up and sleep right beside her which I don't do very often.
I have been lucky too as I know that when mum gets home from work it is dinner time.  So I have been getting two dinners.  One at the normal time and one in the morning.   Mum says that it ends tomorrow.   She enjoyed her dinner.  The first fresh corn of the season, some veg and a pork chop with sauce.

Hope you are all having a nice Sunday too.


  1. Hope you two have a lovely long break with plenty of sunshine, good books and maybe a little wine and some nibbles. Merry Christmas to you two also!!!

  2. What did you do on the bedspread Poppy!x
    Bit to early for Christmas presents! :).

    And, Mum, is off until January..That's
    good news, you'll be able to spend more
    time with her..and get spoilt..! :).

    Mum's dinner looks lovely..I love sweetcorn
    to, especially on the cob! I've got pheasant
    to~day, l eat so much pheasant, think l'm
    begging to look like one..! :).

  3. Have a lovely break from work! We wish you both a wonderful holiday, with lots of fun AND time to rest!

    (P.S. That dinner looks yummy! Very healthy too.)

  4. Oh Poppy, my kitties are all excited as I'm also off of work now until Jan 3!! Just starting to unwind but can't get too relaxed as I still need a few presents and need to send a couple packages out. Enjoy your time with mum!!

  5. Hooray for holidays Poppy! We're sure you and mum will have a wonderful, relaxing time together. Enjoy!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  6. Yay for your mum having a nice long stretch of days off over the holly daze. Mum thought that dinner looked quite nice, yummy summer foods.

  7. That will be a lovely break for your mum and you can spend lots more time together.

  8. How are you going to keep your mum occupied while she is not at work, Poppy? We hope you and your mum enjoy her holiday and have lots of rest.

  9. Glad the countdown is over! Enjoy the rest of the year with your mum.

  10. It is good that Mom has the rest of the year off! I know you tow will have a great time. Her dinner looks yummy! I miss fresh corn and will have to wait several months for more!

  11. Hooray for you and Mum's well-deserved holidays, Poppy! Enjoy!