Saturday, January 14, 2017

Bag Lady Caturday

Last night mum was determined to find a tshirt she had misplaced before the summer is over. After 200 things were pulled from the wardrobe, she found it in the drawers.   She found this lovely big bag which I claimed it as my own.

So then mum did not get much sleep as I rolled over all night.

So today she went out to meet a friend for the movies, only find out that she had booked the tickets for Thursday by accident.   The tickets were all sold out, but mums friend organised some in town and the went and saw Lala Land which they did enjoy.

When they  came out of the cinema it was raining and cold, so the went to a cheap Malaysian restaurant for rice and Satay.

Mum was glad to get home after a big day out.  I was glad to see her, I have meowed lots at her until she fed me my feast, and have now rushed back onto my bag.


  1. Ah! Bless! Well...Everyone is talking about
    the Lala Land film over here, sounds good!
    Though l have'nt been to the cinema in years.
    Usually wait for films to come out on Sky, in
    a couple months time. So l'll look forward to that!

    Enjoy your bag Poppy!x Looks like a lot of fun,
    don't get stuck in it now! :).

  2. You are the cutest bag lady we have seen

  3. Bags are awesome! I never get to play with them.

  4. Mum won't let me have plastic bags.