Thursday, January 5, 2017


Like most kiwis we like to devote a certain amount of the day to talk about the weather.   Yesterday was mums last staycation day.  In the morning the sun was shining, it was blue skies and around about 20 degree c.  Mum went out and ate some lunch and had a wander round the city, but a blister from new shoes forced her to go to the supermarket and head home by 3pm.

As she arrived home she noticed the grey skies on the horizon.  Within 10 minutes they were covering the whole skies and freezing rain.  By 7pm the temperature had dropped to 8deg and by bedtime it was 6deg, and remember we are meant to be mid summer and complaining about the hots.  Not having the heater on and mum took this picture of me snuggling between her knees to keep myself warm.

So mum was texting her family who are in Adelaide Australia, where it was a tropical 36 degree.   Somewhere in the middle would be nice.

So we are hoping our weather settles soon before the summer is over.


  1. It's the same over here Poppy!x
    Probably ALL over the world...
    People say..Good morning...nasty
    day, or is'nt the weather
    is the most talked about thing in
    the day...! HeHe! Still dark over
    here..and cold. So back to bed with
    my lemon tea for half an hour! :).

    And, it looks as though your in the
    bestest place Poppy! Keep warm!

  2. You guys are having crazy weather for summer! It's almost like our winter!

  3. We had a cold snap and now once again we are heading into a hot streak. Your absolutely right
    Somewhere in the middle would be lovely

  4. Geez, Poppy, I hope you get some balmy summer weather soon. I like the cool weather, but that's a bit brisk for summer. Cover up with one of your mum's extra blankets.

  5. 20C - 24C is perfect, we think, for summer. It's gets way too hot here, though, and then far too cold in the winter. Too extreme. But your drop in temps in one *summer* day is crazy! Brrrr!

  6. Yeah, we are on the BRRRR side of things. Colder than we like, waiting for spring to get here. Sunny, but cold.

  7. THat is cold for mid-summer. Our weather has been bouncing from 80(26.6) to 20(-6.66667) in a matter of days or hours!

  8. poppy Q...we noe yur 36 iz knot like trout towne 36 but rite now we wood take 36 coz it wood bee like a heet wavez ~~~~~ ♥♥♥