Friday, January 6, 2017


Mum doesn't really believe in New Years resolutions as they never last.  There are some things she could do better and the New Year is a time to think about those things.

Over the staycation she watched a few episodes of Horders and this has motivated her.  She has donated some stuff to the charity shop and thrown a couple of bags of stuff out.

Last year she added a couple of new recipes to her repertoire- middle eastern meatballs and rice and a chicken broccoli Alfredo pasta.  Both quick and easy with lots of vegetables and she is able to make enough for a few meals in one go.  So rather than being too ambitious by trying to make a new recipe a week, once a month is about right for her.

She liked the idea she read about on the Cup of John blog.  Rather than focusing on the things you would like to improve in the year ahead like be more active, lose weight, save money etc...., they made a resolution to do something fun for the year.  So you could choose to read more books, watch more movies, go for more walks or take more photos.   Mum thinks that she will try and read more (she does read a lot but still finds herself wasting time watching silly shows).  Me - well I am going to spend more time taking naps.

How about you and your person - what fun things would make you happy in 2017?


  1. Our Mom and Dad do not make resolutions either! We keep trying to get them more active, but that is not working so well!

  2. I'd be really happy if my human and I could travel more together - and I think that is what we're going to do!

  3. Taking naps, sounds good to me Poppy!x
    I don't bother with resolutions either,
    l take one day at a time, and see what
    life throws at me...HeHe! Then l just
    duck! :).

    And, the thing is with food of course,
    is that you can chop and change recipes,
    to make them more interesting and tasty!

    And, one thing that will keep me happy,
    is that you continue with your lovely
    posts on your lovely Blog! Bless!x

  4. How your mum could read more, I don't know, Poppy. If anyone wants to see what she reads, check out her own blog, "Read Like Me" (the link is in her profile). At least two or three books a week seem to pop up there, sometimes there's a new one each day. But if she wants to read more, more power to her. There can't be many better ways to spend one's leisure time.

  5. poppy food gurl haz sum rezz oh lou shunz two N we will eat burd ....coz we NOE herz KNOT gonna follow thru with em !

    heerz two an atlantic silverside kinda week oh end ~~~~~ ♥♥♥

  6. Mum brought some boxes inside today to start putting stuff in that she doesn't want. This will include books!

  7. Our mom bean says the Hoarders show always makes her get up and toss something. She says there is more of that in her future when the spring comes. It might not be a whole lot of fun, but it makes mom bean feel better

    As for us, we'll definitely join you in getting more naps!
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku