Sunday, January 1, 2017

Welcome 2017

Hello 2017.  It arrived here with a rainy wintery type day with blustery winds.  So mum and I slept in, movingbetween bed and couch and back again.  The perfect day to stay at home, read and watch movies.

There are some 99 cent specials on the Apple Store so mum is watching 45 Years at the moment while her tea is cooking.

So we hope you all have some nice plans for the year ahead.  We are glad to leave 2016 behind us and look ahead.


  1. It's just daylight over here Poppy!x
    I've just made coffee for the family,
    and there still in bed!
    A little natter, then off to make
    They'll take the dogs for a walk later
    while l make lunch, as that'll be my
    Christmas dinner...Yum! Yum!

    All the very best for 2017 to one and
    all, and may ALL your wishes come true! :).

  2. The day is almost done
    The year has started very productively
    Just hoping my energy levels hold out and I get lots done
    Cool and drizzly here too poppy
    Enjoy it while it lasts

  3. You had a rainy, wintery New Year... like us here in the northern hemisphere? What's the world coming to? I hope 2017 is lovely for you.

  4. Happy New Year !
    We wish you and your family lots of health,happiness,friendship and peace.
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  5. Happy New Year, Poppy, dear! We're enjoying dry roads and mild weather here in the American Midwest. It is indeed a good day to stay home and cuddle with the cats!

  6. It is mild and wet here too, Poppy. My mum has put a leg of NZ lamb in the oven and we will enjoy that later.

  7. Enjoy your day Poppy and mum. We has the colds here today -20C so our mom bean plans to stay in her pajamas and relax for most of it too. Of course, we plan to nap.

    Happy 2017!
    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  8. Happy New Year to you and Mum, Poppy! We hope it's filled with love, joy, and all good things!

  9. Happy New Year to you Poppy and your mum. It is nice to have a day to just stay in and watch movies - a great way to start the new year.

  10. Wishing you and your Mum a happy and healthy new year!

  11. Happy New Year. Mom and Dad spent the day uninstalling a couple of old computers, rearranging furniture and de-cluttering!