Sunday, January 22, 2017

More Rain

With the 2nd storm in 5 days upon us, mum donned her winter boots and jacket and went and met a bestie.  The girls went and had some lunch then went to see Lion at the cinema.  It was a lovely movie that brought a tear to mums eye and she thinks it is a 5/5 watch.

Oh can you see in mums photo where the city pigeon was sheltering from the horrible rain this evening?


  1. Even the pigeons want to stay warm and dry

  2. Horrid rain...l hate it! :(.
    Very cold over here Poppy!x
    But, very dry...Brrrrr!
    Must go to the supermarket
    later though!

  3. We got some rain the other day. But we need so much more
    It's been warm here lately and it's getting hotter.
    I do prefer winter I like having my fire going. It's just mor homey I think xx

  4. Sorry you're having such yucky weather, Poppy. Stay warm and dry, okay?

  5. Sometimes birds aren't always bird-brained. Hope the rain eases Poppy!

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  6. Oh Poppy! What weather! We won't complain about ours anymore . Wishing you warm, sunny days and soft breezes.

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