Sunday, February 19, 2017

Meeting the Neighbors

We have been meeting the neighbors, although it was mum that saw him peeking through the windows.  I was under my duvet.

Mum got to meet our upstairs neighbour last night.  He said he loved cats and British Blues like me are his favorite, so we like him already.

The girls finished all the cleaning today and everything is moved but not unpacked yet.  So the girls relaxed for a while this afternoon then mum took miss Belle out for dinner which was yummy.   A walk to the supermarket and then they walked up the hill home which wasn't as bad as mum thought it would be.  Go mum!

Me - well I educated miss Belle in how much solids can come out of one cat, in the dirt box.  She was quite surprised.


  1. HaHa! Ah! Bless! Loved the last bit....!:).

    Well Poppy!x Looks as though you've got a
    pussy~cat neighbour...He looks lovely! :).

    And, yes, l was wondering what the 'lump'
    was under the duvet yesterday! HeHe! :).

  2. A sweet faced kitty and a cat loving upstairs bean! Seems like you've gotten rather lucky with neighbors.
    Walking up the hill won't seem so bad either when your mum sees her slender, toned thighs.

  3. LOL @ that that paragraph, Poppy! At least you're doing your business properly, which is what counts.

    Your new outdoor neighbour looks like a handsome fellow. We hope he won't cause any problems for you. Bonus that your upstairs human neighbour likes cats! We hope HE is quiet!

  4. Poppy, dear, so far, so good, it would appear! Do like the description of the new neighbor, and the cat at the door is certainly very clean.

  5. Sounds like you have some awesome neighbors, Poppy, especially that gorgeous kitty peeking in at you.

  6. Any neighbour that likes you Poppy is a good neighbour!
    We giggled at you schooling Miss Belle about cats and the litter box;)
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  7. Your neighbor is a good looking kitty! You are so funny.

  8. Your new neighbour is a handsome kitty - we sure hope the two of you get along.

    Sometimes beans need some education, well done Poppy!

  9. Hey, Poppy and Mum, it sounds like your new neighbors are really nice! :)

    Poppy, way to give Miss Belle a lesson about how to fill the box! MOL!

  10. I hope that's a friend outside the window. Here in the wide open spaces of (north-central Iowa) country-living, the 'traveling visitors' (strays or cats who were dumped on this road or near here) are not always so welcoming. We also have other animals that aren't kind to the furry felines, too, but mostly they show up at night.

  11. I am glad you have a nice neighbor.

  12. Glad to know you are settling in OK. Hope that new neighbor cat doesn't come inside to take over.

  13. And how someone so cute can make such a smell!
    Looks like your going to settle in nicely

  14. It's good to have a feline-friendly neighbour, eh, Poppy? Is that neighbour cat going to pose a problem for you going outside?