Thursday, February 1, 2018

Big Day

 Today was a big day that begun with mum tossing and turning all night before finally falling asleep about 3am.  We had to be up early as it was my senior check day.
The vet was lovely and had a student with her too.  Today I was 6.2 kg, with some tartar buildup.  I still have my heart murmur and now have arthritis in my left knee.  So I have to lose some weight and try some new foods (Mum says that she needs to do the same thing too).  I tried the dinner and didn't mind it so we are off to a good start.  I had bloods taken away and a Brazilian butt shave - ouch.  Now I am home though and snoring on the bed next to mum.
 Mum zipped off and did some jobs this afternoon.  The wind was crazy as a big storm wss coming in.  She took a photo of the sunshine over our street and the big grey clouds when she looked in the other direction.
It is now pouring down.  Luckily mum came home early as she would have got soaked.


  1. Poppy, we are glad you enjoyed your new food. We hope it helps keep you trim so that your arthritis isn't as bothersome.

  2. It's always good when you like the food that's supposed to help you!

  3. Oh! My! My! Poppy!x You had yer butt shaved...
    Should you be telling us that..! Bless!x
    Still we only usually see photos of you from
    the front, which is the loveliest 'end'...! :).

    Weather over here, still cold and dry, no rain,
    thank goodness! I'm off back to bed with my lemon
    tea for half hour, should be light by then! :).

  4. So sorry to hear that you have got a sore knee Poppy. Mum takes such good care of you though I am sure your new food will help. Going on a diet won’t be easy. I think mum might have a few early morning wake ups with a hungry Poppy. I hope you don’t have to get your teeth cleaned. I remember how worried mum was last time. Sweet dreams to you both tonight.🌻

  5. Poppy, we hope you'll continue to eat the new food. We've tried a couple of Royal Canin vet foods and Derry will eat a bit of one, Nicki not. It's tough! There's a glucosamine supplement that vets sell, though, to help. Forget what it's specifically called.

    The sky looked ominous! We're glad your mum made it home before the downpour.

  6. Geez, Poppy, I hope you keep eating your medicinal food; I know how you love the Feast. And though you have to lose weight, I think your current poundage is quite nice - it gives you that adorable face.

    As for the rain, I do love a summer rainstorm coming in; I like them better when they approach than when they arrive. In any case, your mum should buy an umbrella for days like this.

  7. I am glad you like your new food Poppy and hope it helps with your arthritic knee. Your mum was lucky to get back before that downpour.

  8. Glad you like your new food. That is always encouraging to the humans. Around here, those butt shaves are called "sanitary trims". We like your name for them better.

  9. Poppy like you, and most of your breed, Bella is prone to gaining too much weight.
    But I keep her intake strictly monitored.
    So every vet check she gets a good mark
    It’s my food intake I need to watch more carefully lol