Tuesday, February 13, 2018


We thought we would give you a smile for your week.  Last week mum decided to google one of her great uncles.  She found out that even though she knew hi as Uncle Jack, of course he was really called John - which mum and her brother never knew.  He was always lovely  to be with  and told lots of good stories, and grew the biggest tomatoes mum ever saw.

She was looking on the Wikitree site which lists at the bottom how many steps away you may be from some people.  Turns out old uncle Jack was only 16 steps away from Queen Elizabeth!!!  That makes mum 19 steps away from Queenie herself.  I wonder is she would get an invite to the Royal Wedding or dinner at Buckingham Palace?

It has kept mum smiling all week. 


  1. HeHe! Keep sending the e~mails/texts Poppy!x
    You never know...Mum might get a special invite
    to the Palace, there's been some strange things
    happening now, especially now as the 'young' Royals
    are coming out of them selves, and mixing with the
    public...I'm still waiting for my knighthood! :).

  2. Please join Sasha for his 5th Birthday party. Bring your friends for a lively evening.

  3. That is really cool! I wonder how many steps I'm away from na International Award-winning Somali?

  4. Mum used to work with someone who knew a Nobel Prize winner in literature! So three steps from that?!

  5. Her Majesty loves animals, too, so it must run in the family!