Monday, February 26, 2018


 Mum was lucky today.  As she headed to work the skies stayed dry and a half an hour later the clouds opened and it kept raining until a half hour before she finished.  She got home dry with all of her yummy groceries .  Which was good, as she was tired again.  She got only about one hours sleep as it was quite the windy night.
 The little sparrows in the back yard were lucky too as they got the last of mums bread.  They must have been hungry - we hadn't seen so many sparrows in some time.
I did not get lucky.  No birdies fell off the fence.  I had to make do with a feast.


  1. Ah! Now we know which side of the fence
    your on Poppy!x
    Never mind..not a lot of meat on a sparrow..! :).

    Just gone eight over here, and it's freezing, and
    more to come it seems, on Wed/Thurs, both days are
    going to be pretty cold, ice and snow! But! But!
    The sun is out and quite bright, so that's something.

    I'm off to the supermarket in a mo..missed out yesterday,
    as the Sky TV man was here..and as l have an insurance,
    he replaced everything, brand new, new HD box, dish,
    remote, even all the wiring..couple hours, all done!
    Well pleased! :).

  2. Interesting sky. It must have been super windy to keep mum awake.
    The sparrows look so sweet. Where does mum put the bread? Not I hope where you can get it Poppy. That would be dangerous for birds. We used to get magpies and owls up here but they seemed to go after the earthquake. We do get fantails and thrushes and blackbirds though as well as sparrows. They nest in our honeysuckle. They won’t eat bread though. They are country birds and live on what’s around the garden. Great fun to watch.

  3. The weather has been bad lately your way. Glad your all ok
    Here we have had mixed weather but nothing too extreme so that’s been good

  4. Ah, the weather god/goddesses were with your mum, yay! That's always a bonus.

    Too bad you didn't get lucky with one of those sparrows, Poppy! :-P

  5. It does look grey and wet, Poppy - and the sparrows look expectant. I guess they knew what was coming.