Tuesday, February 6, 2018


 Look at the newness of the mattress.  Mum slept ok on it, although she was rather tired.  It has super springs and memory foam.  Can she say that she bought her last bed in 1996 so it was in need of replacing.
I had no problem with it.  I just climbed up and went to sleeps.  Mum is exhausted but is into day 5 of 7 so is almost there.  3 more afternoon shifts and then 3 days off to relax.  So there will be plenty more sleeping to be done.


  1. That looks sooo comfortable. Poppy looks very happy already staking her claim on her preferred spot. Poor mum feeling so tired. It is such an exhausting job. Is she due for holidays soon? I hope she gets 3 weeks. Perhaps her new mattress will perk her up. Love to you both and special kind thoughts for mum. Xxx

  2. Hope your mum gets lots of good sleeps on her new mattress.

  3. ooooO! Poppy!x That looks a bit special...
    Shame to cover it up with sheets and a duvet! :).
    I expect Mum will enjoy it more on her 3 days off
    at the weekend! :).

    I see on my calendar that to~day is Waitang Day over
    their, and a holiday...l Googled it and had a little
    read...Yes! very interesting...!

  4. The new mattress looks very comfy. It makes me want to join you for a nap.

  5. It’s a beauty,Poppy. Hope your mum finds it as comfy as it looks.

  6. Ah, now we see it's not memory foam--it looks very comfy! We hope it works well for your mum. There's always a breaking in period for a new mattress, though it looks like you're doing a fine job of that!

  7. How exciting to have a new mattress, Poppy (that’s the sort of life I lead: I am thrilled at the thought of a new mattress…) It does indeed look very new. Even though it didn’t give your mum a wonderful sleep right away, it will probably do her a world of good, supporting her body just right while she sleeps.